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The Handmade Dog Collar Company
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We are based in the rural town of Shrewsbury, Shropshire in the UK although our collars, leather accessories, and beaded jewellery are all made thousands of miles away in the small town of Gilgil in Kenya by The Sanata Women's Group. The profit they generate goes directly to Restart Africa, a charity that rescues abandoned and vulnerable children.

Update 2020
We are now working with a second group, a team of young adults based in Nairobi - giving them secure employment and enabling them to provide for their families.
The group also support a girls orphanage Amani na Wema Children's Home so we are delighted to be working with them.

Inside The Sananta Womens Group Workshop

 leather dog collars, Handmade kenyan beaded leather dog collars
 Handmade kenyan beaded leather dog collars,  dog collars
 leather dog collars,  dog collars
 Handmade kenyan beaded leather dog collars,  dog collars

How the collars are made

Each piece is individually handmade and beaded either by the Sanata Women’s Group in Gilgil Kenya or the Young Adult Enterprise in Nairobi.

First the soft colourful nappa leather is cut and lined to give it strength and integrity.

The colourful beads are hand stitched with strong bonded nylon onto the soft nappa leather, this can take several hours to days depending on the size of the collar and the complexity of the design.

Once the beading has been completed the nappa leather is carefully machine stitched onto the soft leather lining, the lining is a cow hide which the Kenyans call 'Pullap', it is soft and strong and becomes softer with wear, the oils in your dogs coat 'feed' the leather and it mellows with age.

Once the nappa and pullap have been stitched together, the buckles and D rings are hand stitched in place and rivets added, the tongue of the collar is machine stitched at the other end and the holes are punched carefully to give the collar it's correct size.

Each buckle, O ring and D ring is individually hand forged by a local jeweller which means it can take two or three days to make one collar! 

Some of the collar designs are named after the ladies in the Sanata Women's group or the names of their children.

The craft workers are paid for each piece they produce so that they receive a fair wage, they are able to support their families and pay for their children to go to school. This is very important to us as we recognise that not every scheme set up to help workers in third world countries makes this promise, and very often only a small amount of money actually reaches the people making the beautiful products. We set out to help the workers and the Restart Africa Charity so that everyone would benefit from the project.

We would like to thank all of our customers personally for helping to make such a diference to the lives of so many women, children, young adults and their families and for helping support the children rescued by the charity Restart Africa.

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