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Poo Bag Holder - Black

The Mzuri Dog Poo Bag Holder is designed to co-ordinate perfectly with your Mzuri Dog collar, lead, or harness! One size only to fit a standard roll of poo bags so you are never caught out. The main colour of the pouch is either Tan, Dark Brown or Black and the loop which holds the lobster clasp is in every colour to match the collar collection. The clasp can clip onto the lead, or harness or belt loop. It's small, discreet and very stylish! 
Out of stock

If we do not have the size you require Email us for a size/stock enquiry info@thehandmadedogcollarcompany.com

How to measure your dog and order a collar size  (All dogs vary in size even within the same breed) 

 To correctly measure please use a soft dressmaking/tailors tape measure
1)      Pull the tape so that it fits your dog’s neck comfortably and not too tightly 
2)      Allow enough room for you to be able to slide two fingers easily under the tape 
3)      Make a note of the size on the tape measure to the nearest inch 
4)      Decide on the width of the collar that you would like to order( ½ ” ¾” 1” 1” ½ )
5)      Decide if you would like the buckle to be the same width as the collar or to be smaller in width ie a 1” width collar works well with a ¾” buckle for medium sized dogs
6)      Choose from the options in the drop down menu
7)      If your size is ‘Not an option’ please contact us to discuss having a collar made to fit your requirements *
*Please note bespoke collars require a 50% deposit and may take up to 8 weeks to be completed and sent from Kenya (although we will do our best to get it made and sent to you as soon as possible)